Metallic and 3D Epoxy Floors Are Setting a New Trend in 2017

Metallic and 3D Epoxy Floors

Walking inside a building, you see light gleaming from the clean metallic floor. Different colored patterns greet you everywhere – from the large mess area to the tiled reception and even the bathrooms.

Gone are the days when businesses spent majority of their office renovation budget on expensive marble flooring, overlooking other equally important areas of the building.

The year 2017 brought with it the fast-growing metallic and 3D epoxy flooring options. Perfect for fashion, décor, and interior design elements – this popular new look plays with reflection captured and returned by metallic flooring. So, what makes this trend so red-hot?

Let There Be Light

Metallic and 3D epoxy floors are ideal for both practical and aesthetic usage. One reason: this beautiful flooring option lets the light shine! Think about all the positive worlds that describe light. Radiant, warm, luminescent, blazing, and vibrant are just a few which come to mind.

Metallic floors are all about reflective light. No other flooring option captures and reflects light quite the way 3D and metallic epoxy floors do! With its numerous finishes, this beautiful flooring option can easily reflect natural and artificial light – expanding the quality of light in any room.

Make a Metallic Statement

Metallic and 3D epoxy flooring

Time is money. Nobody knows this quite as well as an experienced businessman. However, we live in an increasingly crowded world, making space into money as well. Finding the best space for businesses to flourish in requires careful strategy and planning.

Making the best use of that space requires creativity and ingenuity, something which cannot be bought by money. What will you do when life gives you less space to display all what your business is about? Make a statement!

Metallic and 3D epoxy flooring helps in this regard, paired with statement décor popular in the fashion industry.

Replace Other Flooring Options

There are several reasons why 3D epoxy and metallic flooring is popular within the commercial and institutional design world. Very few flooring options adequately support modern décor and design vision while staying in tune with a business’s sometimes modest budget. Indeed, this is a fantastic trend forward floor replacement for previous options.

Metallic epoxy flooring performs extraordinarily well in high-traffic facilities such as hospitals, restaurants, retail settings, hotel lobby, educational and business institutions. And much more!

Let your business shine as brightly as its flooring, by installing statement metallic epoxy flooring in wanted colors and designs. Your customers will surely remember you. Let CSS Coatings help you find the best Metallic epoxy flooring products for your business in Florida.


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