Metallic Epoxy Flooring Solutions In Ohio!

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Are you looking to renovate the look of your commercial space? CSS Coatings can assist you to install some of the most unique and long-lasting metallic epoxy flooring in Ohio.

Versatility of metallic epoxy designs

Commercial spaces can be given the most corporate and pristine look with metallic epoxy floor designs. Each of the designs is different from the rest, giving your office a perfect, flawless revamp.  The creativity that can be put into creating different looks is practically endless.

We make use of optical illusions blended with a range of colors to give your office space the look you most desire.  We assure you that choosing metallic epoxy flooring for your commercial space will never feel like a wrong decision.

Our technicians in Ohio walk you through the process of choosing the right combination of colors and floor designs that will complement the entire look. We aim to do justice to your vision.

Durable Floorings are now possible with CSS Coatings

Durable FlooringsOur designs are not only aesthetically appealing but are also long-lasting and a practically viable solution to your flooring needs.

These grand and durable floor designs give your commercial space the experienced look that it deserves-whether it is a retail store, workshop or office.

Floorings need to be immaculate and serve a range of functions. This is because they determine the overall look of the space.

Our metallic epoxy floorings are a worthwhile investment as they can complete the look with any type of interior, withstand heavy traffic and even come out strong in the case of chemical spills.

Our experts will guarantee you maximum satisfaction as they will help you choose the right texture and design for your property! Partner with us and see your flooring dreams come true!

Minimum Maintenance

One major reason for choosing metallic flooring is the ease of maintaining them. Their designs are aesthetically appealing and do not need extensive maintenance routines to retain their shine and luster.

Metallic coatings give floors a seamless and uninterrupted look. They are easy to sweep and get rid of dirt and debris.

Without the need for any specialized equipment or tools, our technicians will enlighten you with the perfect guide to maintain your floorings.

Our experts at CSS Coatings deal in durable flooring solutions; solutions that last. Known as one of the distinguished providers for metallic epoxy flooring, we serve Ohio and many other regions.  We help breathe life to your imaginations.

We believe in delivering customized solutions to our clients. Understanding the client’s need and fine tuning the final product as per their specific requirements is what sets us apart from the rest. Hence our high-quality flooring solutions are resistant and are not very costly to maintain.

Customer service and satisfaction is our utmost priority. We offer free estimates online; you can even call us today to request our services.


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