Metallic Flooring: Let It Shine!

Metallic Flooring

Dull concrete is not always the perfect choice to give the finishing touches to your garage floors and commercial basements.

Do you wish to add life to your office and turn a boring commercial space into one that invokes interest and attention of other people? Epoxy floor coatings could be a reliable solution.

Although this concept has been established long back in time, business owners are now beginning to realize the convenience of using them to complete the look of their space.

Customer’s having the most diverse and erratic tastes can get a flooring of their choice and perfect the look of their basement or garage.

Add that touch of shimmer!

Epoxy floor coatings are a wise decision. However, metallic epoxy flooring is a much more popular choice. This is because it adds the gloss and gleam to your floorings that gives it the unique customized touch.

epoxy floor coatingsA shimmering copper shade will not only give the perfect subtle touch but will also prevent your space from looking to over glossy. Other floor coatings are not able to impart the look that these epoxy floor coatings give.  It adds the perfect tinge of sheen to your garage.

Also, it is a much more economical option than ceramic tiles which is the next best option people go for.

A textured, layered look!

If you want to give your space a distinctive touch that is ‘one-of-its-kinds’, epoxy floor coatings can present you with a range of options.

It gives you something different to choose from the traditional flat and plain surfaces that seem too monotonous at times.

Available in various shades, they impart an elegant, classy look to your flooring. You could choose to give a finished marbled look or make it look like it’s made from limestone or quartz. The polish is sure to resist wear and tear for quite a few years at least.

You could even customize it to the extent that you could get your logo or brand name imprinted into the flooring.  Adding metallic flakes or chips also gives the perfect textured look.

Installing it the right way!

After brainstorming and choosing the color and designs comes the most important part; that is to get it installed.

Instead of opting for DIY ways to customize your textured flooring, give our expert technicians a call. Not only will the impeccably give you a customized flooring solution but they will also deal with you in a professional manner.

Our experts at CSS Coatings make sure that their flooring solutions are durable and long-lasting. We are the leading service providers of metallic epoxy flooring AL and many other states.


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