Colors, Solvents And A Touch Of Perfection Make The Floor!

Make The Floor

Metallic Epoxy Floors can be very alluring and attractive when paired with the perfect combination of colors and artistic designs.  With colorful quartz or mica pigments spread across the floor like an artist’s palette, it can give the most unique tinge to your flooring.

With a matchless combination of aesthetics with durability, finish coats give a seamless and three dimensional appearances to the final flooring.

You can give your finished flooring the touch you want making it either look super pristine and elegant or truly exotic.

Metallic epoxy flooring can be practically installed anywhere to add the corporate to your commercial establishment. With the cost of maintenance low, experimenting with these flooring options breathes life into your décor.

Choosing the Right Mix of Colors and Solvents

Mix of Colors and Solvents

The crystal-clear look of metallic floors is what gives it the beauty that no other flooring type gives. The epoxy is almost translucent which makes the colored metallic powder highly visible in the final product.

Hence, we recommend that the darkest shade be chosen for the prime coat to ensure a proper blend of colors, making sure that it doesn’t go over-board.

Floor colorings can be broadly categorized into the following:

Exotics – Greens and blues transitioning to purples. And the set of yellows, oranges and reds.

Earth tones – This boils down to the basic beiges, browns and copper.

Contemporary – This includes the range of grays.

Playing around with the right colors and solvents adds the ‘swirling’ touch to metallic floors and helps impart the three-dimensional look by creating a crater-like effect. Metallic floors give you the liberty to experiment and have fun with your creativity with dazzling and classy results.

When installing metallic flooring, different techniques can be employed to tweak around the design and add a unique touch to it.  Our experts are equipped with tools to do so.

Perfecting the Look with Imperfections

No two metallic floors have the same dimensions and characteristics and hence each floor needs to be individually studied and its requirements outlined accordingly.

It is up to the installer how artistically he handles the installation of the flooring with years of practice and dedication.

Having the right knowledge and expertise helps you decide what will go into creating that flawless look that will work for your flooring. While some floorings require solvents, others might just do without it because of the natural inclination of the surface and the gravitational pull.

All in all, metallic flooring can be experimented with in a lot of different ways. It’s how you go about it that matters.  In the end, it’s all about figuring out that secret ingredient that works best for your flooring needs.

Contact our experts at CSS coatings to give you the immaculate metallic epoxy flooring Florida.  Our request your quote online!


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