Tips And Tricks For Effective Metallic Epoxy Floors!

Metallic epoxy floors are one of the most exotic options. As much as they’re beautiful, creating a perfect effect is complex.


Unlike other floors, no two metallic epoxy coated floors are alike. This makes it perfect for nightclubs, showrooms, retail stores and even garage floors.

Light maintenance, compatible durability, and resistance to oil, water and tons of other chemicals make metallic epoxy a great choice. Several people think they can do the job on their own, but the imperfect, spread over effects are difficult to achieve.

It requires using the right tool and method. Here a few tricks which contractors often use to get it right:

  • Different contractors apply the coating in different ways. One of the best methods is pouring lines using bucket or a watering pot. This gives more control over the flow and helps reduce the risk of material going to waste. When the coating is on the floor, it is spread with a squeegee trowel to achieve the best look.
  • Professionals recommend using at least two different colors. More shades mean a better chance to create the desired effect. But these colors must be poured in opposite directions. Pouring any one color over another can ruin the entire look.
  • Extreme and more exotic looks are created by rolling out or squeeging one color first. Later, another color is added in a dip and shake manner, using a stir stick, brush or another tool. When both colors are down on the floor, the colors are rolled around with the squeegee trowel or a roller.
  • Some technicians experiment with a one-stroke backroll for an acid stain look. It is easy overroll, ruining the look. It blends the colors a bit too much, making it appear to be a single color instead of a mixture.
  • Various types of solvents, such as MEK, xylene, and isopropyl alcohol can be used to create several different effects. Installers know how to play with the right colors and solvents.
  • Specialized tools aren’t needed for manipulating a metallic look. Leaf blowers, blow torch or even our fingers can do the job.

In short, there is no wrong or right method to achieve, let’s say, a crater or a ripple effect. You have to prepare a perfect blend of colors and put in just the right amount of brush strokes.

Overdoing or under-working can kill the desired effect. CSS Coatings have all the expertise and skills you need to replicate your favorite look. Call them today to install the metallic epoxy flooring in VA and other cities.

Opt for Metallic Epoxy Coating to Make Your Floor Shine!

Making a good first impression matters! However, it’s often the very last thing on our minds.

In fact, everything else (daily to-do list, that 10 a.m. meeting you are already late for, lunch plans) takes center-stage and shoves ‘make a good first impression’ into a dusty broom closet.

What does your customer think as he enters your office—first-time customers who will see everything with fresh eyes? They may notice the stain marks on the floor, the faded walls of your waiting room, the chipped paint and wilted plants.

How Metallic Epoxy Coating Can Promote a Good First Impression

Something must be done. Interior remodeling will help promote a good first impression. Your floors should be your top priority, but how? Metallic epoxy coating can help.

Benefits of Applying Metallic Epoxy Coating

There are so many benefits you can enjoy with just one application of metallic epoxy coating. In addition to being good for your floor’s aesthetics, this coating offers:

Water and Stain Resistance

No other product can instantly transform an ordinary and scuffed floor into an attractive surface that also offers non-porous abilities. Why is that worth mentioning? This means water won’t ruin your floor with over time cleaning and accidental spills. Additionally, this product is specially formulated to resist and repel all types of stains.

A Professional Look

This amazing floor technology will bring wonders to your commercial space and promote a professional look. Moreover, you can choose from a number of metallic colors and styles according to existing theme to completely transform your office space.

Incredible Damage Resistance

Compared to other types of floor coatings, you won’t have to redo your floor every year with metallic epoxy coating. This is largely due to this product’s incredible ability to withstand the most brutal treatment.

The technology that helps manufacture this product aims at improving durability and scratch resistance of the coating. This is why metallic epoxy coated floors are often found in garages and industrial spaces where heavy machinery is used.

We offer metallic epoxy floor coating that’s incredibly economic-friendly. Why should you choose another floor finish when this one checks all the boxes? Have questions? We’re here to help. You can also get an online quote for the project, right here.

3 Factors Affecting Commercial Floor Coatings

Floors needed to be scrubbed until it gleamed! And often times, that was an impossible feat. Not today.


Now, business and home owners merely install epoxy flooring or another floor coating, halving the job (or need) of floor cleaning.

With over time usage however, even the most successfully installed and high quality floor coating starts to deteriorate.

Choosing the right commercial polymer floor product for the application you have in mind is the obvious answer.

Another promising factor for a successful floor finish outcome is proper concrete substrate preparation. Did you know materials used in the floor coating can begin to deteriorate even before setting off to your showroom or office?

Cold temperature is known to adversely affect epoxy and urethane coatings. You can ensure easy and successful application of this material by taking note of:

  • Material handling and storage
  • Environmental factors
  • Completion and timing performance

Storage and Handling

Are you thinking of applying epoxy coating to your showroom’s floor? No matter what part of the country you live in, there is a good chance that you will need the items and materials to be shipped at your job site. Exposure to cold temperatures should be expected especially if materials are being transported from far away.

Additionally only ambient temperature of material storage area is considered, i.e. when in transit. What should be kept in mind is: it takes a long time for these materials to achieve working temperature.

Environmental Factors

Do you know how many environmental factors can adversely affect your floor coating project? Polymer coatings i.e. epoxy floor finishes are negatively affected by:

  • CO2gas presence in the area
  • Ambient air temperature
  • Water vapor emission (from substrate)
  • Relative humidity

Completion and Timing Performance

Another factor that you should be concerned about is timing performance and completion. It’s a well known fact that most coating products go through testing (to determine physical properties) at 77°F. This baseline temperature also includes cure and viscosity times. What happens when temperatures go below the established baseline? Commercial floor coatings lose their workability. Cure time also increases.

It is said that ‘fast cure’ manufactured formulas can be effectively used to quicken cure time of commercial floor coatings although it’s a gross misconception. Unfortunately system failure is incumbent if a floor coating isn’t properly cured prior to usage.

You can choose to finish your own warehouse or office floor by spending time, effort and money on this project without any degree of success. Or you can hire the experts at CSS Coatings who will conduct an excellent job at half the time and cost you would have. Call us today!